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I enjoyed my first lesson today very much. Even thou I had lessons when I was 17 years. Iam now 53 years old and want to be comfortable in the saddle and not a nervous nelly, and learn to ride correctly. Which Iam hoping can be achieved. Lyn was great and supportive in my first lesson. Also got homework, working on stomach muscles . 😄 .

Susan Harvie

Happy customer

Hi, My name is Vidyanand and I was fortunate to have had riding lessons with Lyn for a few weeks in Sept to Nov 2017. I was on a business trip to Adelaide and I took riding lessons on Saturday mornings. Those were the most unforgettable Saturday mornings when Lyn tutored me in the fine art of riding. I would go on to say that Lyn's devotion and total dedication is what has made Cartmel Rise one of the best Riding schools in the World. If I ever get the opportunity to come back to Adelaide I will definitely want to take my riding skills to the next level with Lyn. Thank you, Lyn, for this great place which you have in Adelaide. Wishing you lots of good health and best wishes for the years to come. Regards, Vidyanand


My unfogettable riding experience in Adelaide

I started riding at Cartmel Rise 2 years ago and to be honest, I should have started earlier. I came to Lyn as an adult rider with no technique and many bad habits and today I feel more confident, competent and balanced. I know what is going on with the horse and how to ask what I want. People talk about the difference between being a passenger and being a rider, Lyn helped me in that transition. I have a long way to go, but now I can say I am a rider. Her feedback is spot on ? the moment I change what she points out I can feel how it becomes easier, more comfortable and logical. ?How did I ride before I knew that?? I walk out of every lesson with a smile on my face. Lyn is the best coach I?ve ever had, and I had lessons with other trainers here and overseas? so if she ever moves interstate I?m pretty sure I?ll have to sell my house...


Happy student

Lyn helped me improve my position and learn how to ride some of the higher dressage movements (such as some of the lateral work) on her well schooled horse, so that I could use my improved position and feel to train my not so well school horse. It was great being able to have lessons on horses that were training at a higher level than my own, so that when he was off due to injury, my riding still progressed. Although this was many years ago now, I still remember riding my first 'proper' extensions (instead of the faster but no longer stride that I was used to), and my first shoulder ins, too. Thanks Lyn.

Kylie Roesler

Dressage movements

This is my 7th year with Lyn and she is for sure the BEST EVER :D Moving riding schools to Cartmel Rise Equestrian Centre has been the best decision I have ever made. I would definately reccommend her to anyone that wants to learn to ride and for people who are experienced who want to learn high level dressage movements as she has a few horses that are FEI trained :D


I've been riding with Lyn since 2003 and have come so far in my riding as a direct result of Lyn's teaching. I started with Lyn on my 13.2h pony, we had two gears 'stop and gallop' and although I'd been riding since I was 4, knew next to nothing about dressage. Lyn has taken me from a very nervous 'pony club kid' to the point where I was able to win at a dressage championship last year, work for a dealer riding some real lunatics, and progress with my own very green horses. Huge thanks to Lyn, she has done a huge amount for me and I could never thank her enough.

Kayty - Horse & Hound Artistry

i have been with lyn for a very long time, and 2010 will be my 8th year with her! I started from scratch with Lyn and the journey has been awesome!! i would recommend her to anybody and everybody who wants to learn how to ride, she is definitely the best around!!


riding with lyn hs had its highs (frank)and lows (marmite/on the floor after a preety pony did his thing)but it has been great i love lyn and so does pepper i think not sure when i say lyn he legs it to the far end of his paddock must mean he does lol but lyn is a great dressage rider and teacher!!!!


happy chappy and pep

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